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Hellooo to all my Super Cute Kawaii peeps! My name is Maria (aka Hello Kitty Junkie) and I have a slight addiction/obsession/infatuation with all things Hello Kitty! I have been told that my eyes *sparkle* when I talk about Kitty-chan! @_____@

I am *ALWAYS* on the hunt for any Hello Kitty stuff… And recently, there has been almost too much available! It was very difficult picking only five things I am currently lusting after. o_O But here is my top five kittilicious picks! *____*

I have a weak spot for Hello Kitty merch from Japan. When Sanrio hooked up with J-pop star Nozomi Tsuji, the end result is über kawaii! There are many items from this collaboration: plush, stationery, bags, clothing, etc. But my absolute *fave* from this line is the Hello Kitty x Nozomi Tsuji netsuke mobile phone strap at Strapya World. Look at her kawaii hair-do! The eyelashes! And *sparkles* in her eyes! Simply irresistible — especially since its one of the more inexpensive things on my *wish list*! n_n

Another major *wish list* item of mine is the Giant Cicely Margo Bow Ring that was created specifically for the Three Apples Fashion Show last year! Since there was only 50 made, these are definitely an *exclusive* collectible ring… $35 is not a bad price to pay for limited cuteness, right? Hmmm… I wonder how many JapanLA still has in stock!? o_O

One thing I have been in love with since I first laid eyes on it is the Hello Kitty Embossed Shiny Black Tote Bag by Loungefly. There are two sizes of the same bag: small and large. Personally, I prefer the smaller one which is actually not small at all! Both sizes have the beautiful Hello Kitty pattern embossed on the outside, shiny hot pink fabric lined on the inside and Kitty-chan’s signature bow ID tag… It is quite kittilicious and I think I *NEED* one of the totes in my collection! If you are not feeling the black, you can always get this tote in hot pink! And who knows, maybe there are more colors to come! n_~

Ever wondered what was inside of Kitty-chan? I mean, besides a big heart! Thanks to Doctor Romanelli who collaborated with Sanrio last year, we now know what is really inside of her! @___@ Btw, I *ALWAYS* know that everything about Kitty is kawaii — even her guts! n_~ These adorable vinyl toys are produced by Medicom Toy and there are two Hello Kitty Anatomical figures available — blue version and vintage version… I know, I know! It is too difficult to choose between the two of them! o_O I guess I should start saving some $$$$ if I want to collect the entire set!

My last pick has to be the Hello Kitty Crystal iPhone Case (3G/3GS)! This is so pink, Hello Kitty and totally blinged out! Super girly, huh!? Not sure if I could even ask for anything more. And purr-fect for a  gift to yourself! n_~

That sums up what I have been eyeing these past weeks… But since there are so many kawaii Hello Kitty products I see on a daily basis *remember I am a Hello Kitty Junkie* I may have a revised top five  by the end of this month! Domo arigato Super Cute Kawaii peeps! Hello Kitty *hugs* and *kisses* =n_n=

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  1. Hello Kitty Junkie avatar

    Wow! I did not realize just how much I wrote! Merci for the opportunity of letting me share my obsession with Kitty-chan! n_~

  2. HKGuy avatar

    How did you pick only 5 items? must’ve been tough to narrow it down to just 5!
    If you acquire some of these items do you need to come up with a new set of 5? LOL

  3. Jordan avatar

    Great picks Maria! You finally have been converted to loving HK with hair.

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