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This is a guest post by Nika who is part of our new writers search.

Turn your midday break into a delightful feast with these cute lunch ideas that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat – and can all be made vegan too.

vegan lunch ideas

These school book sandwiches are so fun and can be easily adapted with your favourite fillings. You can use anything flat and malleable, from vegan “ham” or “cheese” to tomatoes or red cabbage leaves for a splash of colour.

vegan lunch ideas

These elegant calla lily tea sandwiches would make perfect afternoon tea sandwiches. Hummus is a great replacement for cream cheese, or make your own “cream cheese” using cashews and nutritional yeast.

bunny sandwiches

These peanut butter & banana bunnies from Ms She & Mr He are beyond cute and so easy to make. You need almost no skills to have the cutest sandwiches in your office.

Halloween lunch ideas

Make monster wraps for Halloween with spinach wraps. They can be quickly turned vegan by substituting cheddar with vegan cheese. And you don’t even need special equipment – a knife and toothpicks will suffice.

steamed buns recipes

With a little more effort (but so worth it!) you can create these absolutely adorable Peanuts steamed buns by Little Miss Bento. The recipe calls for a meat filling, but I like replacing mine with pickled carrot, tofu or hoisin aubergine.

superhero bento

Who said that superheroes can’t be cute? Try this Batman v Superman bento from Bento Monsters. Nori and rice are the stars here, and if you don’t like vegetarian meat and cheese substitutes, try inari sushi pockets, pickled ginger or simply more veggies – yellow and red bell pepper will work and are easy to cut.

sakura food cutters

Invest in some shaped food cutters for instant cuteness with no effort! Bento&co (JP) have these sakura cutters that you can use for vegetables, sandwiches and other flat foods.

Nika is an arts and lifestyle journalist hailing from the vibrant city of London. When not scribbling articles, you’ll find her lost in poetic reverie or surrounded by her adorable, huggable collection. You can follow her on Twitter.

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