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It’s a hard life here at SCK Towers, trying to find the cutest things on Planet Earth to keep you amused. When in doubt, pick some random words and search on Etsy. Hence MOUSTACHIOS.

This lovely couple is Miss Pretty Ballerina and Mister Poirot. They’re very small and handmade from wool, but that doesn’t stop Poirot from solving crimes. If you need help with a missing butler or a poisoned aunt, just hit up Meeniak and she’ll send them over to your country mansion forthwith.

Monsieur Orange is a dashing chap who’s fond of orange tea and orange cake, I hear. Hmm. If you’d like to be his friend, he’s happy to oblige. Visit Claire Payne and take your pick of fruity fun.

Ah, Mr Moustachio, there you are! This lovely hand-carved stamper will let you add moustachioed joy to just about anything, thanks to S. Jane.

I’m a little bit scared of this guy but apparently he’s all heart. Mustached Strong Man Circus Monkey will surely keep you entertained, as long as you keep him in peanuts. Find him at Sick Robot.

And finally, Panda-San’s ultimate in cute monkeys, Siansburys‘ Poirot Monkey! Here he is adorning a 2009 diary, for all your cute and organisational requirements in one!

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    panda san
    December 16, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    I am going to be weeping come Christmas as apparently the diaries are sold out and lee couldn’t get me one – booo!

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