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Kawaii Christmas Wish List

Posted on December 9, 2008 by

Dear Santa, you know I’ve been a good bunny this year so please bring me some super kawaii gifts. If possible, I’d like all of these:

If I get a Tumbling Tofus Blanket for Christmas I might actually faint from over-excitement. It is COLD in Scotland this winter and nothing could make me happier than this.

I love love love the work of Jay Ryan who makes amazing posters involving cute, fat animals being a bit odd. I already own a print but I’d also like Mammals Making Lists because it made me actually laugh out loud. Check out his books too.

Lucie Summers makes lovely hand-printed fabric and I am especially taken with her Avenue print. There’s so many pretty things I could make with it.

More art! Deth P Sun is another of my favourite current artists and one day I will own a painting, I will! In the meantime, screen prints are almost as good. The Crushing SF print is both cute and awesome.

And something to keep me busy; this amazing Rob Ryan skirt from ClothKits – you get the fabric and pattern so you can make it yourself!

Also, a plane ticket to Japan.

Thanks Santa! Love, Bunny.

PS. I note that nearly all my Etsy favourites have sold. If you’ve already been shopping for me there then HURRAH.

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