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Posted on November 12, 2008 by

I was round at Panda-san’s house the other week and we perused the latest additions to the Super Cute Kawaii Flickr group (320 members! Can you believe it?). As you can imagine, there was much squealing going on and time and time again, the culprit was Cute Designs.

Seemingly engineered to hit every one of our kawaii sweet spots, we were almost in tears by page 5. I’m weeping again, just at the sight of that bear above. Teddy Loveless, if you will. Aaaahhh!

Ahem, anyway. Cute Designs is based here in the UK and makes both adorable and slightly confused animal friends and amigurumi toys, as well as some of the sweetest little felt brooches you’re likely to see. I’m off to torture myself again with the cute. Why not join me?

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