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Keep Warm, The Kawaii Way

Posted on October 17, 2008 by

I think I’m over the worst of my cold and posting should resume as normal on Monday. Learn a lesson from my misfortune though, and grab yourself some cute things to keep you warm this winter!

How could you not feel warmer with a Super Happy Bunny Scarf by Cheshire Expressions wrapped round your neck? Aaah!

I have been hankering after these handmade to order maryjane slippers by Bobalina Studio for ages. They look so cute and cosy!

If I was any good at knitting (and didn’t have RSI) I would be buying this Swedish Fish mitten pattern from SpillyJane Knits and making some! As it is, I will have to bribe someone to make them for me. Any takers?

And finally, who doesn’t want a slightly crazed panda on their head? These fleecy hats by Gobbolino are hilarious and will keep you warm too.

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