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I was going to do some kind of kawaii pumpkin post since my default suggestion for a Halloween costume is always PUMPKIN ON HEAD and no-one ever does it. But searching for kawaii Halloween things is way too much fun and instead I bring you a super awesome Halloween extravaganza of everything cute and spooky! Even better, some of this stuff is on sale so snap yourself up a bargain or two. Like we don’t need cute ghosts all year round.

This little guy started me off – he may not have a pumpkin on his head but he is a Pumpkin Bot! He’s sculpted from polymer clay by Itty Bitties For You who has a whole army of cute robots available.

Frankenstein shoes! If there was ever anything I never expected to see in my life, this is it. They are totally amazing though and very cute. Available in lots of sizes from Em and Sprout.

Hello Kitty is certainly one for dressing up and she is really getting into the Halloween spirit on this cute patchwork purse. The other side has her in a pumpkin costume, oh yes. This is mere pennies from The Purple Hedgehog‘s sale section.

Eek, a ghost! Oh wait, a ghost jellyfish?! This is Emmanuel who has come back to haunt us in the cutest way possible. Handmade from felt by jiji~punch (watch out for Lucifer the evil jellyfish if you visit – he’s scaaaary).

If you’ve seen a cuter pumpkin then I want to see it, NOW. This is heart-meltingly cute and would look adorable hung up somewhere. It’s one of many many cute things at berrysprite.

This little fellow is Cris and he’d really like you to take him trick or treating if you don’t mind? He’s all set with his bat wings, eyepatch, pumpkin bag and lamp. He just wants a friend! If you’re up to it, pop on over to susa’s shop.

I really do love cute ghosts! Fluffington has this ghosty duo of stud earrings which would add the perfect spooky touch to any outfit.

There’s so much kawaii on the front of this notebook from Material that I’m not sure I can handle it. If you view the rest of the photos in the listing you’ll discover it also comes with mini memo sheets, letter sets and stickers. Wooo!

If you’ve made it this far then Happy Halloween! Hope you have a spooktastic time. Have a look in our Halloween section for more cute stuff too.

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