Cute Air Fryer Recipes

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Air fryers have become a kitchen staple of sorts in recent years because of how easy it is to cook, bake, or simply reheat food. But if you’re on the lookout to make something more kawaii, then check out this roundup of air fryer recipes.

cute air fryer recipes

Kat Lieu’s recipe for custard toast can be used to make different flavors—from matcha green and cocoa brown, to purple ube and blue spirula. Top your toast with fresh fruit or chocolate shavings for added taste and color. You can also use savory and vegan options.

cute air fryer recipes

Try your hand at making these rainbow cupcakes from Recipe This. Similarly, you can make these with a lot of variations, from your cupcake base flavor to the buttercream icing itself. Adjust your food coloring to make your rainbows bright or pastel, for example. The recipe also gives detailed instructions and tips when air frying cupcakes, so it’s great for beginners.

cute air fryer recipes

Ash Jhao’s recipe for pineapple pastry has me craving for these popular Taiwanese souvenirs. Instead of their usual square or rectangle shape, this recipe uses a mold to make the pastries look like miniature pineapples. You can even use green food coloring as necessary to make the pineapple leaves.

cute air fryer recipes

These two-ingredient donuts from Kirbie Cravings only require self-rising flour and vanilla Greek yogurt. To make your homemade donuts cuter, though, you can use vanilla glaze, chocolate ganache, and sprinkles just like in the recipe. You can also opt to add cinnamon, powdered sugar, food coloring, or maple glaze.

cute air fryer recipes

Vegan Dollhouse has an adorable recipe for vegan sweet potato dinner rolls shaped like bunny biscuits. While the original recipe calls for an oven, you can also make these rolls in an air fryer with some adjustments. Use cookie cutters to shape your rolls any way you like. Alternatively, you can use yams in place of sweet potatoes.

cute air fryer recipes

Inspired by the bloomin’ onion, this recipe for bloomin’ apples from Delish is a sweeter take on the popular appetizer. Use an apple corer, melon baller, or teaspoon to remove the core, then slice your “petals” as needed. Aside from caramel squares, you can also use cinnamon, sugar, or nuts to fill in the center before topping with vanilla ice cream and caramel drizzle.

Which yummy recipe will you be making in your air fryer?

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