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8BitDo x Genshin Impact Chongyun Controller Review

Posted on February 19, 2024 by

Tech brand 8BitDo has teamed up with popular open-world RPG Genshin Impact for the Chongyun Ultimate 2.4G wireless controller. This is also their first officially licensed controller with the game. I’ve been on a bit of a break from playing Genshin for a while now, so I *almost* missed this release. Luckily, I was able to find a local tech shop/retailer that still had one (!) left.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller
image by 8BitDo

I was pleasantly surprised to see they chose Chongyun as he isn’t as popular as other characters. I’ve always loved him though, as he was one of the first four-star characters I ever got and carried me until mid-game. I even named one of our sons cats after him. Now, without further ado, here is my review of this cute controller, along with my first impressions:

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

The outer cover is made of smooth printed cardboard that holds the inner box very well. Just by itself, the packaging makes the whole product have a premium feel. I like how it also has little details that you wouldn’t notice at first glance (such as the white-blue gradient hues of the inner box), but adds overall depth and quality.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

The box opens up to reveal a parchment paper covering four joystick caps (featuring Chongyun’s skill, burst, and passive talent symbols), a fridge magnet and a keychain. I felt like a kid opening up a Christmas present, honestly, because I couldn’t stop gushing at every detail! I had to grab my osuwari plush and include him in the photos just because he looked so cute and cozy inside. Chongyun (my son)’s brother, Luka, also decided to model every now and then.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

I really liked the expressions they chose for both the magnet and keychain, as Chongyun is usually shown as a stoic character. They remind me of his hangout event in-game, because you got to see him express himself much more.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

Upon lifting the tray, you get the travel case holding both the controller and charging dock inside. Again, everything is of great quality. The space is really well utilized, with the dongle being encased in a small compartment at the bottom of the charging dock.

The included manual is fairly straightforward and comes in eight different languages. It isn’t too difficult to understand and set up the controller, even if you’re not quite techy (like myself).

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

The general look and feel of the controller were very nice. It comes with back paddle, custom profile, and mode switch buttons (X and D-input), which was really neat. I don’t currently have a use for them, though–but probably will with other games.

I guess one thing that bummed me out was how the Android version of Genshin still doesn’t support external controllers. I thought there was finally going to be a workaround with this collab, but apparently not (yet). Still, I did think that this was finally a sign to finally start playing Genshin on PC, especially with the huge amount of space it takes up on my phone.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the latest patch on my laptop yet, so I played The Evil Within on Steam instead. I was too chicken, honestly, but my fiancé and his brother are currently in-progress with the game anyway so I decided to test it out. (I guess it kind of works because Chongyun is an exorcist, after all?)

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

The controller altogether had good grip and feedback, even with the joystick caps on. I was able to play smoothly (aside from yelling probably every few seconds), and had no issues with losing connection. I wasn’t able to try the wired and Bluetooth connections, as I connected it via the 2.4G wireless dongle. The wired cable also isn’t very long, so it only works best if you’re playing right in front of the PC.

8BitDo x Genshin Impact Controller Review

All in all, I recommend this controller, both to Genshin and non-Genshin fans. The inclusions and features already make it a collector’s item; plus, it’s a limited-edition release. You can still grab yours via the 8BitDo store on Amazon while stocks last, along with many other colours and designs.

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