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Cute & Easy Ways To Display Art

Posted on January 11, 2024 by

I’ve become a collector of art and at this point I have so many pieces that are undisplayed, so I wanted to figure out easy ways to put up all of my cute art cards without spending a lot of money or ending up with a cluttered wall of frames. These are all from shops in US/Canada but check your local stationery/craft/office supplies for similar products, or use the SCK Shopping Guide.

art print display stands

A simple solution are these wood block stands. Utility House Design Co on Etsy has some that come in different finishes but could be painted a fun color for more appeal.

photo display hangers

Etsy seller Seven Moons Jewelry has a photo hanger with mini clothespins and twine. You could even DIY this, but I got her set to make it easy on myself. The clips come in several colors and you can get the twine in different lengths.

wood pushpins

You will need something to hang up your twine though, and I found these aesthetic natural wood push pins from Target. You could also use the pins themselves to hang things, if you don’t mind the puncture.

floral binder clips

If you don’t want to make a hole in your art piece Target also has these cute binder clips with 6 cute floral designs, and you can use a push pin to hang the clip.

colourful binder clips

If you like the binder clip idea but want a more unimpeded appearance, consider hollow binder clips. Here are some from Michaels.

photo display hangers

For a more polished look check out Parabo Press, which offers these photo rope cables that use magnets to hold your pieces in place.

I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful for hanging up art, photos, or other pieces for display!

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