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Celestial Bath Bombs

Posted on January 30, 2024 by

Winter has fully embraced the U.S. (and me with its chill), so it’s the perfect time of year for warming up with a bath. Make your baths even more enjoyable with these bath bombs on Etsy featuring clouds, suns, stars, and moons.

cloud bath bombs

I love the colors of this whimsical Storm Cloud from Wicked Suds Creations (US), with a fitting scent of cotton candy.

rainbow bath bombs

Here’s another cloud, but with a rainbow included, made by Alex Leigh Originals (US).

sun bath bombs

To brighten things up and for extra skin softening benefits, try a Sunshine Bath Truffle (a bath bomb and bath melt combo) by Bahari Blossom (UK), with an energizing scent of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and yuzu.

star bath bombs

Bathe Enchanted (UK) has a Jumbo Galaxy Star, which can be broken up and used for up to 5 baths, scented with pomegranate and blackcurrant.

moon bath bombs

This Hibiscus Guava Drippy Moon from Self Care Canada (CAN) seems like it would smell delightful!

moon bath bombs

And for the perfect bedtime bath bomb there’s Goodnight Moon by Rainy Day Hello (EU).

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