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Luxury Kawaii Character Picks

Posted on December 5, 2023 by

We try to mainly feature affordable things here on SCK but I noticed a few super-expensive kawaii character collaborations recently and thought it might be fun to see what other luxury items are out there. If you’ve been extremely good, maybe Santa will bring you something from this list, otherwise we’ll just have to dream! I’ve ordered these by ascending price for extra entertainment.

Totoro plush chair

I remember writing about the Totoro plush chair back in 2016 and I had no idea they’d brought it back! While it is child-sized, I think we’d all still happily take one to be like Mei and snuggle on Totoro’s fluffy belly. If you’re in Japan, this is quite reasonably priced at ¥39,600 (£212/$270) – especially since it also reclines all the way down to a flat sleeping Totoro. Donguri Republic don’t ship overseas though, so you’ll have to pay a much higher price from a reseller like Japan Trend Shop (JP) or Maison Ghibli (EU).

Hello Kitty x Cambridge Satchel

The upcoming Hello Kitty x Cambridge Satchel (UK) collaboration is really beautiful if you’re willing to pay designer bag prices. This iconic Hello Kitty face bag will set you back £285 ($360) and there’s lots of other lovely bags too including classic satchels and backpacks.

Pokemon Mareep jumbo plush

The Pokemon Center (UK/US) have been adding quite a few Pokemon to their jumbo plush range including life-size versions of Mareep, Psyduck and Slowpoke that match their Pokedex dimensions. Sadly their Lapras and Wailord plush aren’t life size, as that would be incredible to see. Prices range from around £239.99/$279.99 – £429.99/$499.99 with availability depending on the region.

Hello Kitty x Pottery Barn Teen

The Hello Kitty x Pottery Barn Teen (US) collection has some affordable products (someone buy me that snowman pillow!) but you’ll need a few thousand to deck out your bedroom in full kawaii style once you start adding bedding, curtains, light up vanity mirror and a cute cart. It all looks so cosy, especially the faux fur beanbag ($359/£285), but even if I could afford it, non-US folks aren’t even allowed to look at the website, let alone buy anything!

Watch on YouTube

Move over Alexa, this Hello Kitty x Romi AI robot is a much cuter electronic companion! A special anniversary edition, this robot has hundreds of cute facial expressions and useful functions, plus it can chat to you and sing songs. It’s all in Japanese and requires a monthly subscription but can be yours for a mere ¥88,000 (£475/$600) direct from Romi or for a lot more via resellers like Japan Trend Shop (JP).

life size Rilakkuma plush

This mega jumbo Rilakkuma plush at Jellybeet (US) is life size so you really can be like Kaoru and have a big Rilakkuma roommate getting in your way, and probably eating all your snacks. I’m not sure I would ever leave the house again. Yours for $1,499.99 (£1,200) and they also stock smaller jumbo size plush of all the gang.

Korilakkuma sofa

The San-X character sofas are amazing and I’ve sat on a few at character cafes over the years. They’re made to order so only available for limited periods. You just missed out on Sumikko Gurashi’s Tokage but the latest design is Korilakkuma for ¥280,000 (£1,500/$1,900). Orders close in early January and delivery is only within Japan.

And we can’t finish this post without the most outrageous luxury item of them all, the Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon jewellery collection! Made from 18k yellow gold with diamonds and packaged in a Tiffany blue Pokeball, this is probably the fanciest Pikachu you could ever own. It’s very limited and apparently available now but also very much an ‘if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it’ situation with some sites mentioning prices of up to $29,000 (£23,000), yikes!

I enjoyed myself immensely researching this post and next time you’re browsing your favourite kawaii shop, try ordering the products by highest price – you might find something surprising!

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