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YouTube Channels To Follow For Kawaii Animal Doodles

Posted on November 9, 2023 by

Simplicity can often be what makes something kawaii, so you don’t have to be an expert or spend a lot of time to sketch some kawaii cuties. Here are four YouTube channels to follow along with for beginners learning to draw or just for fun to create some quick doodles of cute animals.

kawaii animal doodles tutorials on YouTube

Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is a fun family channel even if you’re not a kid. Follow along as the little ones are taught a new drawing each video. I like the more simplistic style for sketching animals so I have enjoyed learning the doodles from a number of their videos.

kawaii animal doodles tutorials on YouTube

Draw So Cute

Hosted by Wennie, Draw So Cute has so many drawing how to’s to choose from, all in her signature kawaii style.

kawaii animal doodles tutorials on YouTube

Doodles by Sarah

Doodles by Sarah does a series called Doodles with Circles. You’re sure to find an animal doodle you like in the bunch, including fun themes like kawaii Australian animals, Fruits Basket Zodiac, and animal puns.

kawaii animal doodles tutorials on YouTube

Christine My Linh

Even though her channel isn’t really doodle dedicated, I appreciate Christine My Linh’s personal art style, and she shows you how to draw various animals in a three part series, including “under the sea” creatures. She also does a Christmas version featuring a fox, penguin, and polar bear.

Happy doodling!

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