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Easy DIY Crafts For Autumn & Fall

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I think the hardest part of crafting for me is getting started, so here are some easy (as well as affordable) DIY crafts for the Autumn/Fall and Thanksgiving season that are for kids but still fun for adult crafters. Some you can buy a kit for, however they’re all simple enough that you can use supplies from around the house.

easy Autumn Fall crafts

Hobbycraft has a list of 6 Kids Autumn Projects to Make for Under £10. My pick is the leaf hedgehog. I love the idea of foraging for leaves for this, especially now when the leaves are changing color. All you really need is some cardboard and glue; you could paint your own little face on it, but Hobbycraft includes a shopping list of supplies on their website for all of the projects.

easy Autumn Fall crafts

LoveCrafts has links to lots of fall crafts for kids, here are some of my favorites. DIY Inspired has instructions for a paper pumpkin, or with red paper make some fall apples.

easy Autumn Fall crafts

What an inventive way to craft with a cupcake liner. Actually, this owl from Artsy Crafty Mom made me think of another autumn animal. At the 2nd step of the project add two triangles to the top, cut out a triangle from the bottom, and it looks like a sleeping bat to me!

easy Autumn Fall crafts

This popsicle stick scarecrow from Simple Mom Project’s is so simple and versatile. You could make it as big or as small as you want, and with some paint you can get creative with different scarecrow faces.

easy Autumn Fall craft kits

Oriental Trading (US) is known for budget-friendly party supplies, but they’re also great to just browse for ideas. This too cute pumpkin pie magnet craft kit could easily be made at home with foam or felt pieces. Or cut out strips to make a lattice design, and you’ve got apple pie! If you don’t want to bother with the magnets, use them as gift tags or create a garland.

easy Autumn Fall craft kits

After you’ve made all of your DIY autumn goodies, why not gift some and use these Woodland Animal Paper Gift Bags for inspiration to create your own cute critter bags or get the kit to make 12 for $9.98 USD.

I hope you’re inspired to have fun this fall and try some of these easy DIY crafts.

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