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Cute Socks By Kawaii Artists

Posted on August 10, 2023 by

You can never have too many pairs of cute socks (well…maybe my overstuffed sock drawer would disagree) and if you’re looking for some new ones, here’s some kawaii designs by independent artists. Some of these shops are often closed temporarily while the artists are at cons etc. so follow them on socials for reopening dates – and go see them in person if you can.

kawaii food socks

I can’t believe we haven’t featured this collab between Pals Socks (US) & Crowded Teeth yet as it’s so fun! There’s a whole range of mismatched foodie pairs like Strawberry & Banana, Pizza & Pasta, Milk & Cookies or Burger & Fries. They come in loads of sizes from babies to adults so everyone can wear their favourite food.

halloween socks

If you like things to be spooky cute all year round, Em & Sprout (US) has you covered with so many cute socks to choose from. The ghosts are my favourite but there’s cats, bats, moths, mushrooms and more.

whale shark socks

For a really unique pair of socks, this whale shark design from Alchenart (US) is sure to cheer you up every time you put them on! Definitely one to save for days when you’ll have your shoes off so others can enjoy them too.

kawaii cat socks

Myang Art (US) was a recent find for me and I love all the cats and bunnies. There’s 2 cute cat socks to choose from – this calico cat or a patchwork design.

kawaii cat socks

Koyamori (CAN) is mainly a watercolour artist but I was happy to see they also have a few pairs of socks in their store, all with cats and flowers. The colour scheme here is just so pretty.

kawaii frog socks

The Momokakkoii shop (UK) is crammed full of cute frogs so of course that includes multiple embroidered designs on socks, and in lots of bright colours too. If you’re not a frog fan, there’s also axolotls, bears and mushrooms.

kawaii cat socks

Dog lovers can wear these cute socks from VioletJimArt (EU), embroidered with Mochi the corgi. The understated colour scheme is great for everyday too if you don’t like anything too loud on your socks.

kawaii bubble tea socks

You can also plenty of kawaii artists selling their designs on socks via Redbubble (worldwide). The kawaii tag can be a bit of a minefield to browse but you can check out my own Following list for some artists I love. I was happy to find BobaTeaMe recently, whose entire store is bubble tea themed! Redbubble have an ongoing bundle offer with 10% off any 2 pairs and 20% off any 3 pairs so that’s great for stocking up.

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