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Valentine’s Day Bunny Buys & DIYs

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I’ve had an enduring fondness for bunnies since childhood, and 2023 being the Year of the Rabbit has only served to make me love them all the more! If you feel the same way and still can’t get enough of bunnies, check out these buy and DIY ideas for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Kawaii bunny Valentine's Day card

Cards always add a sentimental touch, such as this cuddly bunny Valentine’s card from PaperBunsCo (US) which comes with an illustration of two bunnies wrapped around a green or pink scarf. All that’s left is to write the words you want to say.

Valentine's Day bunny bouquet

If you’re looking for unique bouquet options, check out this kawaii minimalist crochet bunny bouquet from MumuTimeHandmade (CN). It comes in options of 6, 9, and 12 per bunch, so you can have as many bunnies as you’d like!

Valentine's Day Bunny plush

RobStudioCo (US) offers a classic, cute, and personalized gift in the form of embroidered stuffed toy bunnies, available in an assortment of colors and even font style of your choice.

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If you have the time to DIY your Valentine’s gifts, give this crochet amigurumi flower bunny by Odinka Wisanindhi a try. You can choose to follow the tutorial step-by-step, or change the yarn colors of the flower crown, heart, or the bunny itself.

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Craft Diaries shows you how to make a cute bunny heart origami that you can easily customize by using origami papers in various colors and drawing bunnies with different facial expressions.

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Make your Valentine’s Day sweeter with this easy-to-follow no-bake recipe for chocolate bunnies by CupofCuteDIY. Feel free to change up the ingredients as you like – you can use water instead of coffee if you don’t want a strong taste or substitute flaked coconut with grated white chocolate, chopped nuts, or powdered milk.

Have a ‘hoppy’ Valentines! 🐰

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