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Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

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Here’s our review of the Spring Pusheen Box which had a Gardening theme with practical items for the garden. It was hugely delayed so let’s have a look and see if it was worth the wait!

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

This box was sadly affected by Covid lockdowns in Asia so ended up not shipping until late June but it arrived very quickly once on the way. The leafy box design was very similar to the previous Botanical theme, which is a little lazy, and I would have liked to see a green box instead. The vinyl figure was much more creative, and has to be one of the biggest yet, with Pusheen watering her veggie garden. It makes a really cute pair with the plant pot figure from the Spring box 2 years ago.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

With all the delays, I had completely forgotten about any spoilers and the whole box was a surprise with lots of fun practical items and a muted green and brown colour scheme. There were 8 items in the Spring 2022 Pusheen Box: ringer tee, sun hat, tool belt, gardening gloves, watering can, gardening trowel, planter, garden sign and vinyl figure. The info postcard was missing and it was only much later that I realised I didn’t have the planter (UPDATE: Pusheen Box were already aware of this mistake and have sent out replacements. If you were missing one too, contact their customer support). Below are my thoughts on the most interesting items and a summary of the rest.

Ringer Tee

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I’ve mentioned many times how much I love these t-shirts and I may have ooh-ed a bit over this one. The colours are just lovely and the design is cute too, and not seasonally themed so it can be worn all year round. My Camp Pusheen t-shirt is getting a little bit faded after 2 years of regular wear so I’m extremely happy to add a new one to my summer outfit rotation. I should probably complain that these are getting a bit samey and are always green but it’s perfect for me so I won’t!

Tool Belt

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

After the fairly useless apron from last Summer, this is much more practical, and still very cute. It’s got a big pocket in the front, plus two smaller pockets with loops to hang or clip things to, and it’s even machine washable.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Perhaps the ties could have been a bit more heavyweight but it holds up well. I can see this being super useful for all kinds of tasks around the house when you’re always losing that thing you had a minute ago. Ooh and it will be great for craft fairs when I get to do those again.

Gardening Gloves

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I was pretty delighted with these too as I’ve been meaning to buy something similar. My hands have many issues and gloves would really help protect them for outdoor tasks. They fit me perfectly and have a comfortable amount of padding, plus elastic to stop anything falling inside. The only problem is that the pattern is so adorable I don’t want to mess them up! Sloth carrying Pusheen around is just so funny.

Trowel & Watering Can

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

Two more practical items for looking after your plants and both have a simple but cute design – and more of that Sloth pattern. These are on the bigger side so you would need some kind of garden or balcony. I currently only have a tiny cactus so won’t be using them at the moment. However, I do keep talking about getting some big planters for the garden (my flat’s part is all paved) so these will bump that up the priority list. I’ll be sure to share some pics if I do.

Sun Hat

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I’ve never had a bucket hat before and was keen to try this on, but unfortunately it is way too big, even if I turn up the brim. That’s a shame as I would probably have worn it – it’s a thick fabric in a nice earthy brown with cute sloth print and even a chin strap for windy days. I’t’s still good to see Pusheen Box coming up with different types of accessories, even if they don’t always work for me personally.

Final Thoughts

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

I really enjoyed this theme and feel inspired to do more gardening so I can use the tools. In the meantime, I love the t-shirt and will definitely use the tool belt around the house. Of the items not mentioned yet, the sign is cute but since my garden is shared I’m not going to hang it on the shed and I’m not sure what else I could do with it. While I haven’t seen the planter in person, I’m sure it would look super cute somewhere in my house – either with a plant in it, or for kitchen storage. While it would have been better to get this box in the spring, gardening is an all-year hobby – and spring in Scotland is often cold, wet and stormy! – so I’m not too bothered by the delay.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Box Review

It’s unfortunate that there’s been so many delays with the boxes lately as a lot of subscribers seem to have lost patience completely, even when there’s nothing Pusheen Box could have done this time. Just because the pandemic is “over” in the US, doesn’t mean that applies worldwide. Perhaps Pusheen Box could have been better with updates but it’s tricky to do when you really have no idea when the situation will change. I’ve heard that the Summer box is on schedule to ship next month so hopefully that can get things back on track and restore some trust. I’d still very much recommend it if you’re a Pusheen fan. If you’re a subscriber, how are you feeling about the boxes?

Pricing & International Fees

Summer 2022 Pusheen Box

Pusheen Box costs $43.95 (or $39.95 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $6, International: $25-30) for $100+ worth of all-exclusive products. Boxes sent to the UK do not incur any customs fees.

This box is sold out but the Summer 2022 Pusheen Box and Cat Kit are up for pre-order now with a Sweet Picnic theme, shipping in July. If you missed our Cat Kit review, go have a read!

(Box was provided by Pusheen Box for review but all words and photographs are my own)

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