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Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit Review

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Pusheen has a new subscription box specifically for cats and I recently received the Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit, which has an adorable gardening theme. Let’s find out what my cats, Evey, Adora and Ophelia, think about it.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

The box arrived with clear plastic shrink-wrap so I could see the pretty green design with flowers and mushrooms, drawn in classic Pusheen-style.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

The box is designed to become a toy for your cat. The cardboard is thin, so several of the punch-out pieces were punched through before I opened it, so it was a good thing they wrapped it in plastic. Shipping time was lengthy – I don’t know if I would classify June as “spring.” However, summer is still gardening weather and I was still excited about the theme.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

The box included 8 items with a mix of things for cats and things for owners – litter scooper with holder, denim collar, Pusheen charm, dry-erase feeding checklist, spring teaser toy, 2 reusable food lids, curly ribbon planter plush, and a 3-in-1 crinkle-teething-catnip toy. I love the shade of spring green used throughout the items, which were even cuter than I had imagined.

My favorite item was the spring teaser toy featuring Pusheen. I love the little ribbons that look like water spraying out of the watering can. The Pusheen on top is heavy, which means that it waves back and forth for a long time. Both Evey and Adora enjoyed chewing on it. It’s so cute and well-made, I like just having it out on display.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

The cats’ favorite item was the ribbon planter plush. They loved chasing and pulling the curly ribbons.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

There was also an adorable crinkle-teething-catnip toy that looks like a tiny packet of seeds and I was surprised that the cats were the least interested in that one.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review
Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

The cat food lids featuring Sloth looked too large for the small 3 oz. cans we use. However, the underside of the lids feature inner rings that give the the ability to seal over any of 3 size cans.

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

As for the other items, there was a denim collar with a floral pattern, and I even got Evey to model it for 2 whole minutes! The litter scooper has a hook to clip to the side of the litter box. It’s a nice size but I’m not sure about the phrase, ‘maybe later’ when talking about litter. The dry erase feeding checklist is a good idea and attractive enough to hang up. I clipped the enamel charm onto my gardening raincoat since my cats don’t wear collars (they are inside cats).

Final Thoughts

Spring 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit review

Overall, I felt that the majority of the box items were well designed for use with cats and there was a lot of thought put into the design of each item. I feel the phrases used, like ‘just chill’ and ‘maybe later’, don’t really fit with the theme. Otherwise, a lovely color palette on adorable and useful cat supplies for any gardening fan!

Pricing & Ordering

Summer 2022 Pusheen Cat Kit

The Pusheen Cat Kit costs $29.99 (or $26.99 if you buy an annual subscription) + shipping (USA: $9, International: ~$25) for all-exclusive wearables, treats and toys. This box is long sold out but the Summer 2022 Cat Kit is up for pre-order now with a Sweet Picnic theme, and will ship in August.

Also, look out for our review of the Spring 2022 Pusheen Box next month – it has sadly been massively delayed due to Covid lockdowns in Asia but should be shipping soon. In the meantime, you can look back at all our Pusheen Box reviews.

(This is not a sponsored review and we bought the Cat Kit with our own money but we do receive a free Pusheen Box subscription)

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