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With a smash-hit movie and a second season that just started airing, Demon Slayer’s popularity just keeps on rising. I’ve rounded up some interesting and kawaii picks I’ve found across the web, including collaborations, collector’s items, and even fan-made merchandise!

Demon Slayer t-shirts

Check out this nice beige shirt from Uniqlo featuring the valiant star of the Mugen Train arc, Flame Pillar Kyojuro Rengoku. It’s available in the US and UK, and you can look for other locations near you here.

Demon Slayer Nanoblocks

Crunchyroll (US) offers DIY building block kits from Nanoblock where you can create a cute-sized 8-bit pixel version of your favorite character.

Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

A lot of ‘90s kids were very much into Tamagotchi, and Bandai has created a lineup where you can train and raise your very own demon slayer! Feel free to take a look at the slew of different characters available via Amazon (US / UK).

Demon Slayer Instax camera

Even Fujifilm has done a collaboration and released a special edition of their famous Instax cameras featuring the Kamado siblings Tanjiro and Nezuko. The cameras come in a box set along with a bunch of other goodies and can be purchased from Japanzon (JP).

Demon Slayer manga box set

Read the story as it was originally told by author Koyoharu Gotouge through this manga box set, complete with all 23 volumes as well as a special booklet and a double-sided poster. This is a great addition to any Demon Slayer collection which you can buy via Book Depository or Amazon (US / UK).

Demon Slayer lucky bag

If you find that there are way too many options to choose from, then try the Demon Slayer Lucky Bag curated by Sugoi Mart (JP) instead, where you can get $100 worth of items for half the price!

Demon Slayer art print

Here are a couple of lovely fan-made prints I found on Etsy. Nezuko with kawaii shoujo manga eyes is by CaorinShop (EU)

Demon Slayer fan art print

Tanjiro looking over the horizon is by Artennistic (MY).

Demon Slayer earrings

Lastly, here are some fan-made earrings inspired by the series. The 3D printed Shinobu Kochou butterfly earrings are by Deepartrue (EU).

Demon Slayer earrings

These hanafuda card earrings would be perfect for a Tanjiro cosplay and are by Lemon Dodo (EU).

Hope you like these picks! Feel free to share your love for the series, your favorite character, or any other kawaii Demon Slayer finds you may have in the comments.

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