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Over the course of my two-year stay in Thailand, I’ve discovered some amazingly creative artists. Today, I’ll be sharing with you four Thai kawaii illustrators whose art styles range from cute and lovely to sophisticated and ethereal. All the shops ship worldwide.

Thai Kawaii Illustrators - NALU

NALU’s art style reminds me of 90’s shoujo anime, with glittery eyes and long lashes. Making both original creations and fan art, NALU visually expresses their interest in KPop, anime, and games through the latter. Take a look through NALU’s items via I Found Something Good.

Thai Kawaii Illustrators - Paerytopia

Paerytopia’s art is reminiscent of the vaporwave aesthetic and consists mostly of girls drawn with expressive looks. Paerytopia also makes fanart based on KPop, our favorite childhood shows, and Hollywood movies. Should you wish to order from them, you can do so via the Paerystore Instagram account or I Found Something Good.

Thai Kawaii Illustrators - Hiruna

Hiruna is an illustrator who mostly draws original art and is known for creating novel covers. With immaculately-drawn features and the use of a wide range of colors, you’ll likely find yourself looking at each art piece for a good amount of time to take in all the details. You can purchase Hiruna’s items via I Found Something Good.

Thai Kawaii Illustrators - Mamuang

Wisut Ponnimit is the creator of cute brown-haired girl Mamuang, which is Thai for mango. Her name is actually based on the shape of her head! You may have already seen her in LINE stickers or postcards with accompanying quotes that are simple but definitely make a statement. Aside from her native Thailand, Mamuang is also renowned in Japan. You can check out Mamuang goods via the Mamuang Shop Instagram account or official webshop.

Hope you’ll like these artists as much as I do!

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  1. Bah avatar

    I love this posts! Thanks for the recomendations!

  2. Suzanne Cecilia Butt avatar
    Suzanne Cecilia Butt

    Love finding new artists, thank you for some new ones to follow!

  3. Andy (Arlandyia) avatar
    Andy (Arlandyia)

    @Bah @Suzanne You’re welcome and thank you for the feedback! I’m glad you like them 😄

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