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Over the course of my stay in Thailand, I’ve managed to discover a number of talented Thai artists and creators & have enjoyed purchasing different stationery items from them for my journals and general house decor. In my opinion, Thai stationery is still pretty much unknown the world over, but their products are definitely kawaii enough to make it to the big scene! Today I would like to share with you a number of cute and free printables and digital downloads including wallpapers, printable stickers & memo sheets.

Please do respect the artists’ wishes and keep in mind that these are strictly to be used for personal purposes only, and should not be reproduced nor used for profit.

free printables - I found something good

I found something good is a multi-brand stationery store featuring different Thai artists and creators. They also have their own brand of products featuring cute animals. To celebrate reaching 100k followers on Instagram, IFSG has released a set of freebies which include memo sheets of different sizes and a weekly planner. You can download the set by signing up for an account on the website, logging in, then adding the freebie set to cart. Once the order is complete, you can download the files from “My profile page” > “My Digital Files”. You can also keep up with IFSG on Instagram.

free wallpapers - Stickwithme4ev

Stickwithme4ev is another well-known brand that is already gradually making waves outside Thailand. You may have seen their stickers featured a while back in one of Kaila/Rainbowholic’s videos. STWM is offering free tablet, phone, and desktop wallpapers which you can find here. If you aren’t following STWM yet, come check out their Instagram for the latest updates!

free printables - Noonteller

Noonteller Shop is a popular stationery brand in Thailand that offers palette & deco sticker sheets featuring fluffy and adorable animals, amongst other items. (I’m a bunny lover through and through, but their hedgehog is absolutely cute!) You can find an assortment of memo sheets, stickers, and even Instagram story templates through their Google Drive link here. Follow Noonteller Shop on Instagram for more fluffy cuteness.

free wallpapers - Fahfahsworld

According to their description, Fahfahsworld is “a great place where you can find cute stuff from many lovely artist friends with the unique concept ‘Artist Village’.” It all began with the iconic brown-haired, glittery-eyed character Fahfahs, and has eventually expanded to become a store featuring other well-known Thai artists selling a variety of items — from stickers to tapes, to griptoks and bags. You can download a lovely space-themed set consisting of a desktop wallpaper and six desktop icons here. It shouldn’t take much time scrolling down to find the button named “Download (Free)” but you can also use a browser plugin like Google Translate to help if needed.

Hope you enjoy your new downloadables! Some of the artists and stores mentioned above ship worldwide too, so take the time to look through their items and show some support by snagging something new.

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