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Do you ever discover that you’ve somehow started a new collection? I seem to be collecting kawaii playing cards so here’s a look at mine, where to buy similar sets, and some cute card games too.

kawaii playing cards

When does something tip over the line into a collection? I bought the two sets at the top recently and put them in my games box and had to think about this. 5 sets seems like more playing cards than one person needs. I started this accidentally as well – the Nintendo set is the earliest and came free with a Nintendo magazine back in the 90s, the tiny Hello Kitty set I got from a gachapon in Japan. I did order a copy of Cookie magazine purely to get the the NANA set but that was also for the excitement of new Ai Yazawa artwork.

Rilakkuma playing cards

I do really love the design aspect of playing cards – you get lots of tiny pieces of art and it’s fun to see how they’ve worked out the themes of the 4 suits and face cards. I always enjoy seeing what they’ve done with the Jokers! This Rilakkuma & Kaoru set isn’t hugely imaginative but I’m very happy to have so many of my favourite scenes to look at. It’s currently in stock at Sugoi Mart (JP).

Ghibli Totoro playing cards

Many of the coolest sets are from the Ensky brand and searching that on Amazon Japan will bring up some super cute ones. I love this sukeru stained glass style which is available with various Ghibli characters, Sumikko Gurashi and more.

Nintendo hanafuda cards

Did you know that Nintendo originally made playing cards? The company goes all the way back to 1889 when they created Japanese Hanafuda cards. Nintendo still make all kinds of playing cards and Plaza Japan (JP) has some lovely Hanafuda sets with Mario and Kirby.

Moomins karuta cards

Plaza Japan also sell kawaii Karuta cards with Moomins, Studio Ghibli and Sumikko Gurashi. You might know this game from the Chihayafuru manga & anime (watch on Crunchyroll).

Star Wars Baby Yoda card game

If you’re not a fan of traditional card games, there’s cuter types around. Truffle Shuffle (UK) have lots to choose from including Star Wars, Disney & Pixar. This Cute Loot Game looks very sweet, and comes with a Baby Yoda storage bag! There’s a matching Wookiee version too. They’re currently on backorder but Waterstones (UK) have some in stock.

Pusheen playing cards board game

Our favourite lazy cat Pusheen also has a new game, the Purrfect Pick Card Game (US). It’s a combination card & board game where players try to assemble the perfect weekend by collecting friends, snacks, and more.

You can find more ideas in Andi’s previous post of Cute Board Games & Card Games.

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