Cute Board Games & Card Games

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If you’ve got some spare time and you’re in need of something to do, why not try cute board games or card games? It’s a great way to pass the time with others, and while it may be hard to find some kawaii options, I’ve uncovered several! While many of the links below are for Amazon, you can also check with toy shops near you.

Cute Board Games & Card Games

Rumipoo (USA) is a Rummy-style card game that heavily features lots of cute animals—and poo! It’s also a fairly fast game, so you don’t have to worry about spending Monopoly-amounts of time learning and playing it.

Kawaii (USA/ UK) is another super cute card game featuring miniature collecting cards with adorable ice cream art on them. The whole point is to collect as many of your favorite shapes and/or flavors of ice cream as possible. GeekMom has a very helpful review if you want to check out it out in detail!

Cute Board Games & Card Games

Moj Moj (USA/ UK) is unusual in that it’s a mix of an advent calendar and board game—you play with pieces on a board and roll dice to open surprise boxes. At the end, whoever has unboxed the most prizes wins! If you enjoy blind boxes, this definitely seems like a fun game to try out.

Cute Board Games & Card Games

There are also some fun printable options as well! KiweeClub on Etsy has an adorable (and affordable) printable kawaii memory card game. I’ve always really enjoyed memory games, and the nice thing about having a printable version is that you can print out more sheets to make it a more challenging game.

Cute Board Games & Card Games

Who doesn’t like bingo? PracticalWhimsyCo’s printable kawaii food bingo cards are so cute and I really want to try these out when I can finally have a party – not that I ever have them anyway…I’ll have to find another excuse to buy them! It’d be even cuter to pair the bingo game with kawaii food-themed prizes for the winners.

Cute Board Games & Card Games

There’s even ways to kawaii-fy your normal card games – Sumikko Gurashi playing cards (USA)! Since they’re traditional cards, they’re versatile and can be used for any card game you would play with a normal deck—they’re just 100 times cuter!

Do you like playing board or card games? Let us know in the comments, and you can find more activities to try out in the Games & Apps and DIY Crafts sections.

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