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Kawaii Hamburger Crafts & Recipes

Posted on May 3, 2021 by

May is Hamburger Month and a great time to indulge in your burger favourites. I’ve picked kawaii hamburgers for you to craft or to eat, including vegetarian options, and most are free!

DIY Crafts

Kawaii Hamburger doodle

At Cut Out + Keep you can find a great step-by-step tutorial from Angela Nguyen on how to draw a character shaped hamburger. Let your imagination go wild and create a bunny-bun-, bear-bun or dog-bun for the top of the hamburger.

Kawaii Hamburger crochet pattern

These cute DIY crochet hamburger hotpads from Repeat Crafter Me are calorie-free, but they still look yummy!

Kawaii Hamburger amigurumi crochet pattern

Another cute crochet project to take on would be this Rilakkuma inspired hamburger amigurumi. This pattern from LerumaDollsAndCards is not free, but it did deserve a spot for being so cute.

Kawaii Hamburger DIY cat toys

If your cat is into hamburgers as well, this DIY junk food cat toy would make a great gift. Some felt, yarn, catnip and the instructions from A Beautiful Mess are all you need to make this toy hamburger.

Watch on YouTube

In this video aCupOfCakeTV shows how to create a cute kitten burger in polymer clay

Kawaii hamburger recipes

Kawaii Hamburger recipe

Yuki explains on her Yukitchen blog how to make a kawaii veggie Rilakkuma burger. The homemade burger looks delicious, but you could also use a premade veggie burger if you feel lazy (like Rilakkuma).

Kawaii Hamburger Gudetama recipe

Talking about laziness, how about this Gudetama burger bento? Little Miss Bento came up with this cute and fast to make burger.

Watch on YouTube

And because bear-burgers look so cute, here’s another burger recipe inspired by Rilakkuma by ochikeron.

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