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While spring may be just around the corner, a lot of us are still looking for ways to snuggle up with a warm beverage and relax. I’ve recently come to love Draw With Me videos on YouTube, particularly when they’re accompanied by a soothing soundtrack. Whether you’re an artist or simply an art admirer, check out these 7 kawaii videos from a variety of talented Youtubers – positive vibes guaranteed!       

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This paint with me video by ChibibyJean features the ever popular Totoro and friends, complete with a soft piano soundtrack and no talking. The artist has also included a ton of information in the description box, including timestamps, links to the music featured, and descriptions of the materials she used.

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The name Katnipp is synonymous with kawaii illustrations and the artist herself (Catherine) has a sweet, positive presence that feels like a warm hug. In this Inktober video, she draws a variety of autumnal, cosy characters in her signature chibi style – note that there is some talking along with music that features singing.

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Likelihood Art is Cornelia, a Black artist that primarily draws kawaii characters of color (her Instagram features a rainbow of brown skinned, natural haired beauties!). Watch her paint 3 friends drinking boba while listening to a lo-fi soundtrack.

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To quote one of the comments on Drawing my Room, “This was the most chill, inspiring, motivational, relaxing and calm 21 minutes and 54 seconds of my life.” Indeed, this high praise is well deserved as the artist Charibo Art writes the sweetest captions (available in Korean and English) and possesses a drawing style that one can’t help but be mesmerized by.

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Male kawaii artists can sometimes be hard to find, so I’m thankful for Korean artist Hwabun.ee who blesses us with his adorable characters, his pet rabbit, Potato, and the ASMR vibes he supplies with his short home cafe clips. Also, the comment section is so positive and supportive, it might just restore your faith in humanity.

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In this traditional (non-digital) Sketchbook Spread video, Cheyenne Barton creates some wonderful doodles (my favorite is the girl in the mushroom hat) to a jazz soundtrack that ranges from peppy and upbeat to slow and soothing. Minimal talking in the beginning.

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Based in India, Samreen likes to draw cute, k-pop girls to chill soundtracks that remind me of the video game Coffee Talk. In this video she creates a detailed portrait of Korean artist Taeyeon while encouraging her followers to post comments about their favorite ways to relax.

I hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite Draw With Me videos and were able to relax? If you have any other videos you’d like to share, please leave a link in the comments!

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