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Kawaii Kickstarter Projects To Support

Posted on October 1, 2020 by

I noticed a few kawaii Kickstarter projects that are happening right now so here’s a look if you want to make a pledge and get something cute.

Kawaii Kickstarter Projects - strawberry pochette

Tiny Plant (USA) has a very sweet Strawberry Friends Kickstarter to make a strawberry pochette and bear plushie. It’s already fully funded and met some stretch goals so you’ll be getting a free sticker and pin too.

Kawaii Kickstarter Projects - halloween enamel pins

The Fuzzballs (UK) are feeling spooky with a new set of Halloween Enamel Pins. All the pin designs are unlocked so you can pick your favourites and get some freebies.

Kawaii Kickstarter Projects - Ghost ita bag

If you need an ita bag to display your new pins, have a look at this cute Boo Bag by Fiveboos (USA)! It’s fully funded so there’s two sizes to choose from plus a holo version and pastel inserts, and freebies too.

Kawaii Kickstarter Projects - onigiri ita bag

Or how about an Onigiri Ita Bag by Kumo Studio (UK)? All bags come with a free matching enamel pin and there’s lots of fun colours and designs to unlock, plus a very cute card purse and pencil case. It has just launched so go give it some support.

Kawaii Kickstarter Projects - social justice enamel pins

Standing up for your rights and a better world can be cute and colourful too with these Kawaii Social Justice Enamel Pins by Rosie’s Thing Factory (USA). It still needs some support to hit the first goal and start unlocking pin designs so go check it out.

Have a look on Kickstarter for more kawaii and ita bag projects to support.

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