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Kawaii Shoelace Styling Tutorial

Posted on January 27, 2020 by

We’ve already shown you where to find cute socks but why not go the extra mile and make your shoes look kawaii too! You can transform any pair of sneakers or trainers with shoelace styling, patterned laces and charms. First I’ll show you how to do kawaii shoelace styling. 

kawaii shoelace styling

You’ve probably only been doing up your shoelaces in one of two styles: straight lacing or criss cross. I was amazed to discover there are loads of different fun ways to tie your laces! Here’s a few video tutorials and you can search ‘shoelace styling’ to find more.

Watch on YouTube

They range from pretty simple to horribly complicated but my favourite one is really easy, looks cool and is also very comfortable!

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

Shoelace Styling Tutorial

I’ve made a photo tutorial so you can try some kawaii shoelace styling too. My shoes are Hello Kitty x Converse.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

1. The first step is to put your shoelace UNDERNEATH the tongue then thread each of the laces through the second hole up.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

2. Thread the lace into the hole directly below on the same side. Do this on both sides.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

3. Bring the lace over to the opposite side and thread into the next free hole up. Do this on both sides so they are crossed over the tongue.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

4. The lace then needs to go into the hole below where there is already a lace coming out. This will cover up the gap between the holes.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

Do this both sides and it should look like this.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

5. Cross the laces over to the opposite side again and thread into the next free hole up. Do this both sides.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

6. Again, thread the laces into the hole below in the same side then cross over.

kawaii shoelace styling tutorial

7. Repeat this until you reach the last hole. Then either tie the laces in a bow if they are long enough or knot them behind the tongue for a tidier look.

Let us know if you try it! I’ll share some cute laces and accessory ideas next time.

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    October 26, 2020 at 7:01 am

    Tried this one for my daughters shoes & she loves them. Very detailed & easy instructions!

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      October 27, 2020 at 12:04 pm

      That’s great! Glad you enjoyed it.

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