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Molang on Netflix

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At Super Cute Kawaii we are quite fond of Molang. So when I heard that Netflix released season 1 of Molang, I had to check it out!

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This trailer captures well what the series is all about: a lighthearted anime about the adventures of Molang and his chick friend Piu Piu. Each episode is only about 4 minutes long – which makes is suitable for bingewatching ;) – and contains no ‘real’ language. Just like Rilakkuma, Molang and his friends speak their own language. This makes the show extra cute.

Molang on Netflix

The first season has 52 short episodes, covering a whole year of adventures. From finding themselves stuck in a lifeboat to the struggles of outdoor camping, Molang and Piu Piu experience unexpected situations.

Molang on Netflix

The show is fun to watch – it isn’t just childish humour, it did actually made me laugh. The graphics and animations are well done too. So if you’re looking for a nice and cute show to lift your spirits, Molang might be it.

Molang on Netflix

If you haven’t got Netflix, you could also watch Molang episodes on the official Molang YouTube channel. Or you can sign up here for a free Netflix trial available to new users.

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