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Kawaii Character Re-Ment Miniatures

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I still love seeing all the new Re-Ment miniatures, though I’ve been trying not to buy many as they’re too addictive. Here’s a few recent releases I love featuring some of our favourite kawaii characters. Click the images to view full size and see all the details!

Sumikko Gurashi Kawaii Re-Ment Miniatures

There are so many cute Sumikko Gurashi sets that it was hard to choose just one but I’m going for Sumikko Gurashi Bedroom. It has 8 character sets that would be cute on their own but can also be stacked up in various arrangements. I especially love the little handmade plush toys of themselves!

Pokemon Kawaii Re-Ment Miniatures

There’s a similar stackable theme to the Pokemon Forest sets which have tree sections that can be displayed as s single stump or a whole tree. This could have been pretty basic but they’ve made each character use the tree in a different way, like Mimikyu hiding in a hole and Eevee in a basket. Looks like the characters can be moved to any branch too.

Snoopy Kawaii Re-Ment Miniatures

I don’t normally go for Snoopy but I’m in love with this Little Lunchbox Museum range. It’s like Polly Pocket with tiny displays that sit inside a cute retro-style lunchbox. The diner and Christmas sets are especially fun.

Sanrio Kawaii Re-Ment Miniatures

Terrariums are a popular Re-ment option at the moment and the new Sanrio Terrariums are very cute and colourful. They’ve chosen classic characters like Hello Kitty and Tuxedosam with a design that looks like snow globes – great for desk decorations.

Rilakkuma Kawaii Re-Ment Miniatures

If you wish your whole home could be Rilakkuma-themed then you’ll love the Rilakkuma Wash Room series. Each tiny home set features a few matching items including a washing machine, dressing table and washing line with Rilakkuma’s outfit! I really want that iron and hairdryer in human size.

Keep an eye on the Re-ment Facebook or Twitter for new releases. You can find Re-ment online at lots of shops and those listed below all ship worldwide. Most sell individual boxes, which are blind boxes so you don’t know which set is inside. Others will sell a full set where you’ll get one of each.

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