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Cute Eco-Conscious Living Picks

Posted on February 12, 2019 by

The sea is filled with plastic soup, which breaks my heart a little. Not only might this affect us in the long term, it already harms marine animals. To reduce my carbon footprint I eat very little meat and I try to minimise my purchases. Also I’ve been sorting all my waste carefully since last year. Eco-conscious living doesn’t have to be overwhelming or boring, you can start by taking small steps.

kawaii eco-conscious foldable bag

A foldable shopping bag is something that I always take with me, it comes in so handy. You can get one at many local shops, such as the Hema in the Netherlands. And if you prefer a very cute version, you might have a look at the foldable bags from Sass&Belle (UK).

kawaii eco-conscious snack boxes

Bringing your own boxed lunch or snacks is a great way to reduce plastic waste. According to my internet research, plastic containers consume less energy at the production stage compared to metal containers. So it’s okay to have reusable plastic lunch boxes, especially if you plan on using them for years to come. Just make sure that they are BPA free, such as these snack boxes from Paperchase (UK).

kawaii eco-conscious bento box

If you’d like to stay clear from reusable plastic containers, I think that aluminium ones would be great. They are easier to recycle – compared to plastic – if you ever have to discard of them. How about this kawaii Happy Family lunch box from Bento&Co (Japan)?

kawaii eco-conscious lunch boxes

ARTBOX (UK) and Sanrio (USA) also offer a nice range of reusable food containers. I think that this BPA free tokidoki for Hello Kitty box and the stainless steel Gudetama flask would be great for bringing your own meal or drinks along.

kawaii Aggretsuko backpack

I don’t own a lot of bags (or shoes for that matter) but when I get one, it has to have plenty of space to bring my own water and snacks along. This Aggretsuko backpack (USA) rocks my socks,. It even comes with a tiny tail! 

I you’ve got any eco-conscious living tips that you’d like to share, I’d love to read them in the comments.

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    Chelsie Muscarella
    February 28, 2019 at 11:37 am

    The car planters are adorable! I love the cactus themed items too as well as that HelloKitty reusable container. You guys rock!!!

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