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Stay Cute & Cosy This Winter

Posted on January 21, 2019 by

Snowstorms are starting to hit the USA and Europe. If you’re feeling the chill, here’s some ways to stay cute and cosy.

cute cosy Pusheen jumper

Just looking at this fuzzy face Pusheen sweater makes me feel a little warmer. It looks so fluffy and cosy! If it’s not quite your style, The Pusheen Shop (USA) have lots more Pusheen clothing to choose from.

cute cosy panda hand warmers

Too cold to type? Plug in these adorable panda handwarmers from Smoko (USA) and you’ll soon be toasty warm.

cute cosy cat unicorn hottie

Heat up one of these Caticorn hotties from Paperchase (UK) in the microwave and it will add a boost of warmth wherever you’re hibernating.

cute cosy pom pom hat

Amy from Cakes With Faces is off to snowy Hokkaido soon and I loved her new pom pom hat from Velvet Volcano (UK). They have loads of cute designs to choose from and you can customise the colours to suit you.

cute cosy pastel rainbow scarf crochet pattern

If you prefer to DIY, how about this pastel rainbow shooting star scarf crochet pattern by HELLOhappy? It’s a digital download so you can get started as soon as the forecast looks chilly.

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