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When I first started my bullet journal, I spent a lot of time writing in it. But both planning and decorating the pages was taking too much of my time. Somewhere around July last year I stopped journaling altogether.

Kawaii Journaling spread

As you can see from the picture above I spent a lot of time getting a page just right, which got in the way of planning. A couple of months ago, I started planning my (work)days using the original Bullet Journal method. Nowadays I only spent about 10 minutes each day writing everything down, which really helps to get things done.

Kawaii Journaling notebooks

In the meantime I was still following the Kawaii Journaling Facebook group. And to be honest I did miss the kawaii aspect of journaling. I decided to get a smaller booklet for kawaii journaling, to use alongside my bullet journal. I got both a gridded A6 Prism notebook and an Iconic B6 drawing book from South Korean seller CupidGift. In one of these journals I’ll write down memorable moments, decorated in a simple but cute way.

Kawaii Journaling supplies

To add a kawaii touch to the pages, I will use stickers and washi tape. My resolution is not to buy any new ones this year since I might have hoarded a bunch of stationery last year ;) You can find my favorite Japanese kawaii stationery shops on kao-ani.com.

I will also use Bande washi in my new journal, because they are so pretty and blend right into the pages. Last year I drew tree branches for April and decorated them with this cherry blossom washi. I got these tapes from Rainbowholic Shop and you can also find them at Washi Wednesday.

What creative activity would you like to pick up this year?

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