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My Home Cat Figures from Fluffy House

Posted on December 4, 2018 by

Fluffy House is a Hong Kong brand that make the cutest characters. A while ago a new creature showed up on their Instagram that immediately stole my heart.

My Home Cat - Fluffy House

My Home Cat is a series of cute cats showing its behind, which is a sign that your cat trusts you, or so they say… I can really appreciate these kind of figurines and hope to bring a couple of these cats home.

My Home Cat - Fluffy House

There are 13 kinds of cats to collect, including a special one. I believe the special one is the white cat with beige spots (perhaps resembling a Siamese cat?).

My Home Cat - Fluffy House

These cats can turn their head and judging by the picture you can even try to stack them. They measure 5x6cm and come in a blind box, so it’s a surprise which one you’ll get.

My Home Cat - Fluffy House

You can buy a My Home Cat at Fluffy House (HK) or at a reseller such as My Plastic Heart (USA), both shops ship worldwide.

My Home Cat - Fluffy House

If you browse at the Fluffy House shop, do make sure to check out their other characters, such as the Mr. White Cloud Christmas mini series.

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