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The Cutest Things We Bought in 2017

Posted on December 28, 2017 by

The worst thing about writing for SCK is that we spend so much time looking at adorable things that it’s often impossible to resist buying them. I asked around to see what everyone’s favourite kawaii purchase of the year was.

corocorocoronya kawaii plush

Although I try to stay clear from purchasing any more plushes, I had to order this cute Corocoro Coronya plush from AmiAmi. I’m a big fan of cute characters combined with food and couldn’t resist this bread-loving cat. (Natasja)

Sailor Moon x My Melody kawaii tote bag

Definitely my My Melody x Sailor Moon tote bag! It’s so cute I’m afraid to use it and possibly ruin it, but it’s also so cute that it deserves to be shown off. It’s a conundrum. (Andi)

kawaii easter momiji doll

I bought so many tiny plushies and enamel pins this year but my favourite thing has to be my Pascale & Pablo Momiji doll set. It came out right before my birthday and is basically me in doll format, right down to my bunny hood, love of Easter chocolate and bunny sidekick. Maybe I should dye my hair aqua too? (Marceline)

creepy cute kawaii tattoo

Tattoo via Louis at Forever Tattoo in Sacramento, CA. Sums me up perfectly! (MissMuffcake)

pincinc kawaii bandage

My cutest purchase this year has to be my sad plaster plush from Pincinc – it’s just adorable and always makes me smile! – Nicolette

What was the cutest thing you bought? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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