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Most Wanted: Bear & Bunny Cookie Cutters

Posted on November 14, 2017 by

Recently I stumbled upon a set of cookie cutters with a long-armed bunny and bear who are perfect for hugging nuts!

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You might have seen the cute almond hugging bear biscuits on YouTube before. I really liked that idea and have used it with gingerbread man cookies.

Tsukamariko cookie cutters

The set of Tsukamariko cookie cutters comes with a stainless steel mould to shape the bunny or bear into a hanging or sitting position. This way you can also hang it from a cup or have your cookie sitting somewhere. I love it how versatile the set is.

Tsukamariko cookie cutters

All the cookie cutters also come with a kawaii face stamp. What else can you ask for?

Tsukamariko cookie cutters

This set of Tsukamariko cookie cutters is available at Bento USA.

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