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Posted on November 1, 2017 by

If you visit SCK a lot, you may have noticed something new in the menu bar: Super Cute Kawaii Guides! We have some really helpful guides on the site that are sometimes hard to find, so I’ve collected them all together and made some updates. Here’s what’s new:

buy kawaii from japan

How To Buy Kawaii From Japan

This is a brand new page collecting together information from a few older posts as well as new information. Whether you’re new to kawaii or looking to expand your collection, this buying guide lays out all the information for buying from Japanese brands and shops. There’s info on online stores, pre-orders, forwarding services, personal shoppers and more. I don’t think any of them offer rocket delivery yet though :)

Super Cute Kawaii Guide to Subscription Boxes

SCK Guide to Subscription Boxes

There are so many subscription boxes around that it’s hard to know which to choose. Our guide compares the top boxes for kawaii and Japanese candy with pricing, reviews and exclusive discounts. We update this page regularly with our most recent reviews.


SCK Original DIYs

Now that Andi’s been a part of the SCK team for nearly a year, it seemed a good time to create a new category for our original craft tutorials. As well as Andi’s fun Gudetama, Korilakkuma and planner DIYs, you’ll find a few polymer clay photo tutorials by Frainy.

Super Cute Shopping Guide

The most visited page on SCK, this has links to all our favourite online kawaii shops. There’s a little bit of info about what they sell, plus locations so you can get the best shipping offers near you.

Visiting Japan

As you may know, I’ve visited Japan four times now and have published my own ebook guidebooks for kawaii shopping and sightseeing. Mostly I post about Japan on my own Asking For Trouble blog, but we have some helpful posts on SCK too, including 5 Tokyo Shops Every Kawaii Fan Should Visit and 5 Places to Buy KitKats, Pocky & Candy in Japan, plus videos from Cakes With Faces. Would you like more Japan posts?

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