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Cute DIY Pillows and Cushions

Posted on November 28, 2017 by

During these colder days it’s always nice to have a good stash of throw pillows at hand. How about making some cute cushions yourself? These printed fabrics and patterns are quite easy to sew up so give it a try.

cute DIY pillows

Would you like to have a cute fox or pug living on your sofa or bed? At Spoonflower you can order printed canvas by designer Katrin Wessel aka Kaeselotti. All you have to do is to cut out the pieces, sew them together and add stuffing to it. Or you can take the easy option and order a finished pillow from her Etsy shop.

cute DIY pillows

This cute cookie pillow is also a printed pattern that you can get at Spoonflower. It’s designed by Deborah van de Leijgraaf, also known as Bora.

cute DIY pillows

If you are looking for a slightly bigger DIY project, then you might like the Hedgehog DIY Cushion by Jobuko. With the help of the step by step instructions you can attach cute embroidered leaves to the hedgehog.

cute DIY pillows

This whimsical cat tea towel DIY cushion by I Like Cats is certainly something that me and my cat would appreciate!

cute DIY pillows

Marceline has recently added some kawaii cut and sew mini pillows to Spoonflower – and there are a few finished pillows in the sale too. I love it how the planets and sun match the round shape of the pillow.

Watch on YouTube

I’d like to finish this roundup of cute DIY pillows with a free kawaii DIY Pineapple Plush Pillow tutorial by Let’s make it together ^_^

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