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Lunch With Gudetama – Kawaii Recipes & Utensils

Posted on August 1, 2017 by

One of our readers asked for a Gudetama post and I was happy to make one. This lazy egg is not only one of my favourite characters, he is also great to make character bento with. How about preparing a special Gudetama lunch or picnic?

The Sanrio blog shows how to make Gudetama out of mashed potato and egg – so cute!

little miss bento - gudetama

Little Miss Bento is quite fond of Gudetama and you can find several Gudetama recipes and lunch ideas on her website, such as this Gudetama Burger Bento.

gudetama Pumpkin Custard Bun

Another fan of Gudetama is Ling Ming Lee, she uses him in several of her bento creations. I think this Pumpkin Custard Bun looks very cute!

gudetama cookies recipe

Lydz came up with a Gudetama cookie recipe that looks easy enough to make. She used icing and outlined the details with an edible marker.

gudetama pudding recipe

I believe that Eimear was one of the first persons to come up with Gudetama recipes. I’d love to try her cute Gudetama Apricot Pudding Recipe.

Gudetama Cafe

You can basically turn every boiled egg or omelette into Gudetama with cutout nori (dried seaweed) pieces. You might even pick up some ideas by looking at the cute dishes served at the Japanese Gudetama Cafe, like the pancake dish pictured above.

gudetama bento products

You can use Gudetama lunch utensils to complete the look. These come from shops that also sell other bento related Gudetama goodies, so it’s worth browsing around: Sanrio USA / ARTBOX / Modes4u / CDJapan / AmiAmi.

Enjoy your Gudetama lunch!

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    This is cute! Looks a lot like Kyaraben bento!

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