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Corocorocoronya – New San-X Character

Posted on July 10, 2017 by


San-X are my favourite Japanese kawaii brand and they’ve just released a new character! Corocorocoronya is a small cat who lives on a street corner and sometimes hides inside a bread coronet. His friends include a grey cat with a smartphone and some kind of cream ghost. So far so San-X!

As always, there’s a slightly odd, but adorable, video to introduce everyone.

corocorocoronya plushies

There are lots of cute products for the character launch including some amazing plushies with removable bread. You’ll also find stationery, accessories and more.

corocorocoronya kawaii stationery

Everything is available now from the San-X shop if you’re in Japan, or you can use a shopping service to order internationally. Some items are available from Amazon Japan too, though not many are eligible for Amazon Global yet so keep an eye on it.

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