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Cute Cases for Your New iPhone

Posted on September 18, 2015 by

Since my iPhone died last month, I have been so excited about having a working mobile again soon that I almost forgot that I get to buy a new case too! Whether you’re picking up a brand new iPhone 6s or just looking to refresh your current case, here’s some cute cases I found – the good news is that cases for the 6 will fit the 6s too. Android users – I’ve also mentioned where non-iPhone options are available.

neko atsume

I haven’t been able to play Neko Atsume for ages but I love these clear cases, available from Tokyo Otaku Mode. The way the cats are playing with the Apple logo is so cute. Also the cat with a bag on its head is the greatest.


Also hilarious, these rubber ducky cases from Hamee/Strapya World – the blue is actually liquid so the ducks float around.

petits pixels

I usually end up ordering a case with one of my own designs from Society6 and they have loads of other kawaii artists on there too. I love these polar bears by Petits Pixels. You can get all the designs on cases for iPhone 3G – 6s plus Galaxy S4-S6 too.


Redbubble also have great kawaii artist cases for iPhone and Galaxy. Daisy Beatrice has some really cute and colourful designs like these round animal faces.

sumikko gurashi

Whatever I buy, it’s likely to be a stopgap until my Japan trip next year, when I will get to do some kawaii shopping and probably buy all the Sumikko Gurashi things in existence. Until then, there are some cute cases available on eBay.

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