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New at Paperchase

Posted on October 29, 2013 by

Sometimes I think we post about Paperchase too much, but then they bring out more amazingly cute collections and how can we not share?

Lunch Bunch are a new set of food characters and I had a hard time not buying everything. I think this shopping bag is my favourite, but there’s everything from stationery to grow your own strawberries kits!

The Chunky Knits collection doesn’t sound very kawaii, but look at that wash bag! If it was half the size I would buy it instantly, but it’s so big I could fit the entire contents of my bathroom inside.

I was just telling Panda-san the other day how I really needed a cute USB stick and behold, a bunny! Even better, it’s quite clearly a business expense. Take that, tax man.

Check out all the new collections on the Paperchase website or at your nearest store.

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