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  • Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

    Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016

    Last Sunday I was back at Hyper Japan for the second time this year! The thing I like best about Hyper Japan is that it features all different aspects of Japan including…

  • LoveJoJo

    Hyper Japan Favourites

    I had so much fun browsing all the kawaii stalls at Hyper Japan and everyone I spoke to was super nice! These were some of my favourites. Cakes With Faces, who have…

  • Hyper Japan

    Hyper Japan Summer Festival 2016

    The Hyper Japan festival is one of the highlights of my year. The most exciting thing about it for me is the huge range of stalls full of interesting, fun and kawaii things…

  • hyper japan

    Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015

    There’s always lots to enjoy at Hyper Japan and I thought this was one of the best I’d attended. I’d never been to Tobacco Dock before and it seemed a strange choice…