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Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan or just love seeing what it’s like to travel there, here’s some videos and channels including travel vlogs, theme park visits, planning advice and new snacks to try.

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If you enjoy the annual Sanrio Character Ranking, did you know there’s also an annual event in Japan where they announce the winners? It’s called Sanrio FES and includes a stage show with all the characters plus photo ops, stamp rally and cute character food. Tickets are very limited so you’ll need to be ready to snap them up next year but they also stream the show on the offical Sanrio Japan channel – watch this year’s event above.

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It’s a lot easier to visit Sanrio Puroland, the official theme park in Tokyo, and they also have live shows and cute cafes. sleepyydragon has a detailed video of their day out that shows both, plus the rides, shops and cute decor.

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rainbowholicTV is always up to date on cute new happenings in Japan and recently visited the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Grand Opening, a new area that looks incredible! If you’re a Disney fan, it’s definitely the theme park to prioritise as it’s so unique. Check the channel for more about the Disney Parks.

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Yoyo The Ricecorpse recently started a Youtube channel to share the ups and downs of running an indie business. But they’re also just back from a honeymoon in Japan and have made some fun down to earth vlogs of what they got up to. There’s 2 videos so far so you can catch up before the next episode.

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The weekly videos from Cakes with Faces are always full of practical information and different places you might not find in your standard travel guide. Recent videos cover everything from a brand new arcade and 24 hour gyoza bar to booking the Shinkansen or taking an overnight ferry.

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If you love journaling, Jenna Templeton has a great video showing what was in her Travel Journaling Kit for a recent Japan trip and what she actually used. Perfect for helping you pack your own or get some creative inspiration. Jenna will have some travel vlogs soon too.

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Konbini are one of the greatest things about visiting Japan and if you love all the fun and random snacks on offer, make sure to follow japanesestuffchannel. They’re now posting a Weekly Convenience Store Foods series highlighting new products at all the big name stores.

If you enjoy these videos, remember to subscribe to the channel so you can see what they share next.

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