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Cute Recipes for Cat Day

Posted on February 22, 2024 by

Nyan nyan nyan! National Cat Day in Japan is on February the 22nd for a reason and that’s because the date in Japanese resembles the sound a cat makes – nyan nyan nyan. But just because it’s a Japanese celebration, doesn’t mean that we can’t all make cat-themed treats…

cat donuts recipe

Let’s start with the most adorable kitty cat doughnuts from The Simple Sweet Life. You can bake your own doughnuts or buy some and then decorate them to look like little white magical kitties complete with rainbow sprinkles.

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I love the way these cat cookies from Neko Bento Diary have been turned into calico cats using different coloured dough. So, grab your cat shaped cutter and make your very own tricolour feline friends.

cat hand pies recipe

You can use your cat shaped cutter again for these cute little berry hand pies from Inspired by Charm, and you can make your own pie dough or buy it so it’s as easy or complex as you want it to be.

cat marshmallows recipe

I loved the polar bear marshmallows that I shared in my hot drinks post, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find these floating cat marshmallows too. Bento Monsters uses moulds to make them easier and even gives them little paws too.

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Speaking of cat paws, the little pink ones on these Sugar Bean macarons are the absolute cutest and the macarons even come filled with a strawberry, cream cheese, chocolate chip filling.

cat bread recipe

Milk bread is delicious and I’d love to try a matcha version. Kat Lieu made hers into frogs and cats and while she did use a cat shaped bread mould, you could always make a regular one and cut slices of it into cat shapes using your, now, very handy, cat shaped cutter…

cake recipe for cats

So far, these recipes have all been for us to celebrate our furry friends, but what about our real life ones? This cat cake from The Recipe Critic is made especially for them using both wet and dry cat food and a mashed potato frosting. Now we can all celebrate together!

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