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Hot Drinks Recipes For Winter

Posted on January 17, 2024 by

It’s absolutely freezing in the UK at the moment, with below zero temperatures all this week. The perfect antidote to this is definitely lots of hot drinks, so I’ve collected a few recipes to bring a bit of warmth to these cold days.

hot chocolate recipes

For me, the best hot drink in winter is a hot chocolate and if it isn’t thick, I don’t want to know. Luckily this recipe from Cleo Buttera is just that; a rich, thick, luxurious Italian hot chocolate. But don’t forget that a hot chocolate is only as good as the chocolate you make it with…

kawaii marshmallows recipes

Top your hot chocolate with these adorable marshmallows from The Simple Sweet Life, because then it will look like you have little polar bears swimming in it and what could be better?

matcha white hot chocolate recipes

If you prefer a slightly lighter hot chocolate, then this white hot chocolate from Love and Lemons might work for you. The sweetness of the white chocolate is sure to be balanced out with the bitterness from the matcha and it’s even made with plant-based milk, so it’s perfect for those who need it to be dairy-free.

hot toddy recipe

Everyone I know has come down with a cold this winter and a hot toddy is just what you need when you’re feeling under the weather (if you’re old enough that is!). The BBC has a pretty classic recipe but if you can’t drink alcohol, just skip the whisky and let the honey and lemon work their magic alone.

mulled juice recipes

You may think that mulling season is over, but hot spiced drinks are just so warming throughout the winter season. The Pioneer Woman’s mulled pomegranate juice sounds delicious and a lovely alternative to mulled wine.

mulled apple cider recipes

If pomegranate isn’t to your taste then why not try this mulled apple cider from The Mindful Mocktail for a winter warming way to drink your apple juice.

Watch on YouTube

If you’re just a coffee drinker in the morning, then why not shake things up with a bit of 3D latte art and check out this tutorial from Flying Mio. She makes a cute little bear here and also gives some troubleshooting advice along the way.

gingerbread latte recipes

Once you’ve mastered the 3D latte art, you can give your usual coffee recipe a bit of a spruce up with this delicious sounding gingerbread latte recipe from A Cozy Kitchen.

Stay cosy everyone!

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