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Aggretsuko Birthday Buys & DIYs

Posted on November 7, 2023 by

November 6th is the birthday of Sanrio’s resident overworked office lady: Retsuko! Finding out that she was a fellow Scorpio *and* a socially anxious corporate slave who likes yelling songs at karaoke made her extremely relatable for me, and I’m sure a lot of other people agree as well. To celebrate this sweet red panda’s special day, I’ve rounded up a list of shopping picks, recipes and crafts for you to check out and try.

Aggretsuko plush

This 16-inch Aggretsuko HugMe vibrating plush from Kidrobot (US) shakes with unfiltered rage when you hug her or clap for her performance. Alternatively, you can browse Kidrobot’s other wares in their Aggretsuko lineup, such as blind-boxed figures and keychains.

Aggretsuko sweatshirt

Unplug from life’s daily woes, then recharge and get cozy with this Aggretsuko unplug sweatshirt, available in 8 colours (SM-2XL) from Hot Topic (US).

Aggretsuko Christmas decorations

There’s still time before the winter holidays, but it isn’t too early to start decorating. Along with other well-loved characters, Sanrio (EU) has an Aggretsuko Christmas bauble which you can use for Christmas trees or garlands.

Watch on YouTube

You can also celebrate Retsuko’s birthday by (re)watching all five seasons of the Netflix series. Don’t forget to relax and take a break—I’m sure we all deserve it as much as Retsuko does! And while you have the show on, why not try these DIYs?

Aggretsuko milkshake recipe

The Sanrio (US) blog shows you how to create a recipe for an Aggretsuko sweet & RAGE milkshake care of Kate O’Leary. This monstrous milkshake features an overload of treats, including rice cereal drumsticks and flaming meringue cookies.

Watch on YouTube

Anai’s infamous rap was shown in the earlier seasons of Aggretsuko, but it’s still just (or almost) as fiery as the yakisoba he cooked. Feast of Fiction recreates Anai’s yakisoba with steps that are easy for anyone to follow.

Aggretsuko paper crafts

Lastly, for something not quite edible but still as fun to make, try this Aggretsuko paper craft from Aimee’s Arthouse. You can use construction paper in different colors, or experiment by using felt or textured paper.

There’s more Aggretsuko crafts in our archives too.

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