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Kuromi Birthday Makes & Bakes

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Did you know that Halloween is Kuromi’s birthday? To celebrate, here’s a round-up of crafts and recipes inspired by this lovable, tough-yet-girly Sanrio character that you can DIY at home.

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The Hello Kitty and Friends channel has a tutorial on making painted pumpkins, featuring birthday girl Kuromi and a spooky cute, zombified Hello Kitty.

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Also from the same channel is a step-by-step video on how to make mummy luminaries, featuring Kuromi, Hello Kitty, and Chococat. I think these would look great decorated alongside the painted pumpkins.

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If you’ve always wanted to try crafting using cold porcelain, you’re in luck. Alita Dominguez Porcelana Fria shows you how to make your own Kuromi figure using this material. You can even make cold porcelain from scratch at home, as it’s mainly made up of cornstarch and white glue.

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For paper crafters, give this Kuromi origami from Origami Channel / Origami Paper Craft a shot. You can even make multiple pieces and hang them up as a garland for decorations.

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And instead of buying a blind bag, why not try your hand at making your own? Dulcelandia ART shows you how to make a Kuromi blind bag using supplies you may already have at home. Then pack your Kuromi-themed items in smaller bags. Feel free to customize your blind bag as much as you like. Add rarities (e.g., common, rare, super rare) for that extra gacha feel, use a paper crimper for the ends, or overload it with stickers!

kuromi recipes

Now, onto the more edible side of things. Sanrio occasionally posts crafts and recipes, including this one for Kuromi’s spook-tacular Halloween bread care of guest blogger and baker Chantel Vo of My Love at First Bite. It uses dark and white chocolates, giving it a milky flavor. For vegan options, you can use milk alternatives instead.

kuromi donuts recipe

Yet another sweet treat from the Sanrio blog is this recipe for Kuromi chocolate donuts from guest blogger Li Ming Lee, also known as Bento Monsters. These donuts use a pancake mix batter for the base, crackers for Kuromi’s ears, and milk, pink, and white chocolate for decorations.

kuromi roll cake recipe

Or bake a Kuromi Swiss roll cake following this recipe My Dose of Sugar, complete with cutely piped patterns of Kuromi. This recipe uses ube (purple yam) flavor for the cake base and a vanilla whipped cream filling.

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With this easy, step-by-step tutorial from Mili’s Fondant Factory Cake Decoration, you can make a Kuromi fondant topper in five minutes or less to decorate your cakes and desserts. If you’re looking for a pair, the same channel also has a tutorial on creating a cake topper for Kuromi’s rival, My Melody.

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Hello Kitty and Friends also have a recipe for Kuromi cakesicles, including her sidekick Baku and other spooky cute things. The ingredients list crumbled cake for the base, but if you’d like to bake and make everything from scratch, you can whip one up using any cake flavor of your choice, such as chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet. Let the cake cool, then crumble it into small, bite-sized pieces. You can use your hands, a fork, or a food processor for this.

kuromi cup and saucer

Lastly, check out these fancy new Kuromi-themed tableware from Sanrio (US) to pair with your pastries, including a fancy glass cup and saucer set and a glass milk carton. They look perfect to hold some taro milk tea as well. You can also serve your treats on this café dessert plate, too.

Happy birthday, Kuromi, and have a sweet and spooky day!

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