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Autumn is just around the corner and that seems to mean pumpkin spice flavour everything. So for all of the fans out there, I’ve collected a few recipes so that you can bring this seasonal flavour into your home.

pumpkin spice cupcakes recipes

What better way to decorate autumnal cupcakes than with autumn leaves themselves. However, if you don’t fancy using real leaves to mould your candy melts with, like Simply Home Cooked, then you can trace the shapes out or even get a leaf shaped chocolate/fondant mould instead.

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Cupcake Jemma is switching up the s’mores recipe ready for the autumn season by creating a pumpkin spice cookie filled with gooey Italian meringue and dark chocolate.

pumpkin spice pies recipe

Pumpkin spice makes up the main flavour of a pumpkin pie and what could be cuter than Butternut Bakery’s mini hand pies that are shaped like pumpkins. Just adorable.

pumpkin spice cookie bars recipe

If you’re not a pastry fan, then why not turn your pumpkin pie into a cookie crumb bar instead? With Cooking Classy’s recipe, you get all the flavour of a pumpkin pie but crossed with an oatmeal cookie.

pumpkin spice donuts recipe

The PSL has a huge fan base, so if you’re one of those folks that can’t get enough of the stuff then this doughnut recipe from Wilton is the one for you.

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This pumpkin spice roll cake from Kawaii Sweet World is fully decorated for Halloween, but if you’d rather not add the decoration then you could just bake the cake and enjoy the pumpkin spice flavour in all its glory without any of the ghouls and ghosts getting in your way.

pumpkin spice macarons recipe

I adore the swirls on these macarons at The Tipsy Macaron and the colours on the outer shell perfectly reflect the pumpkin spice cheesecake filling on the inside.

Which pumpkin spice recipe would you like to try?

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