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Cute Treats & Recipes For Summer Picnics

Posted on June 15, 2023 by

It’s almost summertime here in the UK and with the weather having turned absolutely beautiful, it’s definitely time for picnics galore. For me, picnic food is all about those summer flavours and mini portions of food for everyone to share – because that way you get to try more…

savoury picnic recipes

Mini sandwiches are possibly my favourite picnic food, alongside sausage rolls, and classic cucumber is a crowd pleaser. If you fancy something a little alternative, but still very British, you could try these scone ‘sandwiches’ filled with the ingredients of a ploughman’s. So cute!

summer jelly recipe

These individual elderflower and peach jellies from Delicious are so pretty and full of summer flavours. They might not last on a very hot day, so maybe eat them first or have a good cooler…

ewok inari sushi

Let’s add a bit of character to our picnic with these adorable Ewok inari sushi from the official Star Wars website. Sushi is one of my favourite foods to eat in summer (and all year round) and if you’re planning on having a Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary celebration this year, then these would be perfect too.

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While bringing a towering lemon meringue pie to a picnic is unlikely, you can keep those sweet and citrus flavours and pop them in this Cupcake Jemma traybake instead. You can slice them up into all different sizes, altering them depending on how many people are joining your outdoor festivities.

picnic recipes - thai wraps

I’m a sandwich fiend, but these mini Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Wraps at Woman’s Day give a lighter alternative to bread and are also a nice addition for your GF friends too. They’d also be a good substitute for a big salad and if you want to keep things portioned, then these are great.

mini donuts recipe

While you could definitely bring cake to a picnic (and I would encourage it), a pile of these celebratory-looking mini sprinkle donuts from We Are Not Martha would be a fab alternative, or addition, for a birthday.

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Meringue kisses are great for gatherings, as one batch will give you lots of the little sweet treats to share around. These ones from Sugar Bean are rainbow coloured and topped with pretzels to offset the sweetness, which just sounds delicious.

For more ideas, have a look at my posts with The Most Beautiful Summer Mocktails and Cute Frozen Treats for Summer.

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