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My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

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One of my resolutions for 2023 was to start studying Japanese more seriously after years of casual self-learning. Aside from making a habit out of using language learning apps daily, I’ve also started using books to help myself focus more, with one of them being My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1.

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 features useful vocabulary and expressions with kawaii illustrations to help make your Japan travel experience easier and cuter. The book is a collaboration among the following:

Here’s a look at what the book has to offer!

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

The contents are straightforward and fairly easy to navigate, with over 25 topics available. The vocabulary and expressions are written in Japanese characters, romaji, and their corresponding English translations. I appreciated how words in kanji came with furigana to help make it easier to read them. Hiragana and katakana charts are also included in the book.

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

Vocabularies include simpler words like colors and more complicated ones like counting. The Japanese language has different ways of counting for various things, such as floor levels, pieces of clothing, and even skewers — so this part is really helpful if you’re getting around or shopping!

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

There are also handy expressions you can use when you’re traveling, such as booking your accommodation, ordering at a restaurant, and taking a taxi or a flight. You can point to the phrases and show them to a local, or gain the confidence to practice your Nihongo skills by saying them out loud!

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

All in all, My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 is a great way to spend your day (and even well after) in learning Japanese. It makes for a nice addition to your collection and a good investment, even if you’re a complete beginner. Also, the cute illustrations only make me feel more inspired to learn the language!

My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 Book Review

I was able to order the hardcover book from the Rainbowholic Patreon-exclusive shop, but you can get the softcover versions of My #ValiantJapanese Vol. 1 from Valiant Japanese Language School and Rainbowholic Shop — worldwide shipment is available for both websites.

There’s no news yet of a second book coming out, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes peeled that the next one in the series will be just as informative and kawaii! In the meantime, feel free to check out our other kawaii book reviews on the blog.

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